There are currently 4 characters available, Evan the Knight (1 star), Seira the Knight (2 stars), Demon Hunter Ellen (3 stars) and Demon Hunter Lyn (4 stars)

Players are given Evan at the beginning of the game. Seira, Ellen and Lyn can be unlocked for 50 gems, 100 gems and 300 gems respectively.

Evan the KnightEdit

Evan is the most basic character given to players. He does not have any advantage over the other characters.

Seira the KnightEdit

Seira is available for 50 gems. Unlike Evan, she is able to still guard even after throwing the shield. As such, favored by players for Collapsed Tower (4th world) to be able to guard against the stronger monsters.

Demon Hunter EllenEdit

Ellen is available 100 gems. She uses a different set of weapon and shield compared to Evan and Seira, being the Whip and Devil. The whip grants her a larger attack radius. She also has a base attack speed of 20%. The attack speed increases as she gets more combos. Equipping her will change the dungeons to drop Whips and Devil instead of Sword and Shield.

Demon Hunter Lyn Edit

Lyn is currently the most expensive character at 300 gems. Just like Ellen, she uses Whip and Devil as a shield. The critical rate increases as she gets more combos


These are the base Stats of the four characters.

Character Attack Attack Spd Critical Rate Health
Evan the Knight 2 0% 5% 100
Seira the Knight 2 0% 5% 100
Demon Hunter Ellen 10 20% 5% 100
Demon Hunter Lyn 100 30% 10% 100