Dungeons are where players spend stamina to fight stages which offers gold and items as rewards. There are currently 5 worlds, Setarian Kingdom, Heart of the Great Land, Dark Slayer's Territory, Collapsed Tower and Lava Hell.

Setarian KingdomEdit

Consist of 10 stages, 5 monster maps and 5 boss maps. Clearing 30 times of each map will award 5 gems except the first stage which only gives 3, thus completing everything will award 71 gems.

Area Stamina Map Enemy Reward Exp
Hani Village of Wind 3 Village of Machines 1-star weapon 20
Copper Mine Steve the Squire, Copper Ingot 24
Explosive Production Room Berum the Swift, 1-star shield 28
Strange Laboratory Naive Hachi, 1-star weapon
Valves and Pipes Truga the Glutton, 1-star shield
Goblin's Fort Prim Siria, 1-star weapon, 1-star shield
Insane Stein 4 Boss Sacrificial Swan
Sunshine Territory 3 Eastern Natural Forest Naive Hachi, 1-star weapon
Ogre's Holy Ground (1) Prim Siria, 2-star weapon
Ogre's Holy Ground (2) Simple Crail, Triangular Ruby
Ogre's Holy Ground (3) Steve the Squire, 2-star weapon
Sweet Road Meg the Guardian, 1-star weapon
Cave in the Forest Schrader the Iron Knight, 2-star shield
Strong Bighand 4 Boss Grace the Guardian
Granada 4 Ruins of War Herald the Squire, Copper Ingot
Hot Spot William the Archer, 2-star weapon
Granada Mines Naive Hachi, 1-star shield 84
Outer Granada Shy Gabe, 2-star weapon
Battle Scars Terius the Soldier, Triangular Ruby
Narrow Hideout Wrinkly Huku, 2-star weapon, 2-star shield 100
Overlooking Statue Righteous Susan, 1-star weapon 92
Fighter Zarkus 5 Boss Sophia the Swordsman 104
City of the Dead 4 Life and Death Meg the Guardian, 2-star weapon
Three Way Intersection Schrader the Iron Knight, 2-star weapon
Under the Tomb (1) William the Archer, Tin Ingot 124
Under the Tomb (2) Sophia the Swordsman, Square Ruby
Center of the Village Herald the Squire, 3-star shield 116
Road to Glass Wood William the Archer, 3-star weapon 120
Dark Magician Medelim 5 Boss Wendy the Hunter
Singing Forest 4 Quiet Sanctuary Truga the Glutton, 2-star shield
Travelers' Corner Prim Siria, 2-star weapon
Outer Forest Sophia the Swordsman, 3-star shield
Magical Area Prim Siria, 3-star weapon
Deep Forest Mine Sacrificial Swan, Tin Ingot 160
Glowfly's Habitat Wrinkly Huku, Square Ruby
The Last Mystique Steve the Squire, 3-star weapon, 3-star shield 156
Elvacil the Empress 6 Boss Toledo the Wind 164

Heart of the Great LandEdit

Heart of the Great Land is the 2nd world and consists of 10 stages, 5 monster maps and 5 boss maps. The 6th map, Berserker Skullfish consists of a boss which can only be damaged by elemental damage (i.e. fire). Completing each map 30 times will give 5 gems, as such completing everything will award 75 gems.

Area Stamina Map Enemy Reward Exp
Sorching Sun 4 Scorching Cave (1) Sting the Mysterious, Tin Ingot, Square Ruby 170
Scorching Cave (2) Berum the Swift, 4-star shield 176
Burning Ground Sophia the Swordsman, 4-star weapon, 4-star shield 212
Exploding Mountain Truga the Glutton, Iron Ingot 188
River of Magma Steve the Squire, 3-star weapon 206
Red Burning Soil Prim Siria, Pentagonal Ruby 194
Mine Entrance Naive Hachi, 4-star weapon 182
Blazing Hill Richard the Iron Knight, 3-star shield 200
Satyr 6 Boss Brian the Mercenary 218
Shining Field of the Sun 4 Windless and Waterless Naive Hachi, 3-star weapon
Burning Silence Prim Siria, 4-star weapon
Hero's Desert Wringly Huku, Pentagonal Ruby
Pyramid Valley Steve the Squire, 3-star shield
Very Long Journey Shy Gabe, 4-star shield
Shiny Sand Meg the Guardian, Iron Ingot
Anubis 6 Boss Kaiyen the Squire
Jinjigar's Relics 5 Old Traces Schrader the Iron Knight, Iron Ingot
History to Commemorate Herald the Squire, Pentagonal Ruby
Alleyway William the Archer, 4-star weapon
Market Naive Hachi, 4-star shield
Kingdom's Basement Terius the Soldier, 5-star shield
Underground Way James the Squire, 5-star weapon
Way to Ocean Steve the Squire, 5-star shield
Beach Bruce the Guard, 5-star weapon
Berserker Skullfish 6 Boss Wendy the Hunter
Sea of Death 5 Ocean's Threat Rapier Master Felice, 4-star weapon
Ocean's Graveyard Hakarim the Warrior, 4-star shield
Approaching Shadow Gentle Luka, 5-star weapon
Ghost Fishing Spot Sacrificial Swan, 5-star shield
Ocean's Graveyard 2 Sophia the Swordsman, 5-star weapon
Ocean's Graveyard 3 Richard the Iron Knight, Iron Ingot
Ghost Pirate Ship Haman the Fighter, Pentagonal Ruby
Outlaw of the Ocean Julian the Guard, 5-star weapon, 5 star shield
Admiral Higenmur 6 Boss David the Squire
Arian Village 5 Western Residential Area James the Squire, 5-star weapon
Western Business Area Grace the Guardian, 5-star shield
Arid City Richard the Iron Knight, 6-star weapon
Sandstorm Road Kaiyen the Squire, 5-star weapon, 5-star shield
Eastern Business Area Mimi the Wildcat, 6-star shield
Eastern Residential Area Brian the Mercenary, Steel Ingot
Primitive Forest Dark Elves Sophia the Swordsman, Pentagonal Ruby
Elvacil the Empress 7 Boss Jack the Adventurer, 2-star armor

Dark Slayer's TerritoryEdit

Dark Slayer's Territory is the 3rd world and consists of unknown stages, 5 monster maps and 5 boss maps. Completing each map 30 times will give 5 gems, as such completing everything will award 75 gems.

  • Snowy Field (5 Stamina)
    • Makalu's (Toledo the Wind, 5-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Ogre)
    • Cool Slope (Haman the Fighter, 5-Star Shield) (Enemy - Ogre)
    • Peak Road (Rapier Master Felice, 6-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Ogre)
    • Ice Road (1) (Mimi the Wildcat, 6-Star Shield) (Enemy - Ogre)
    • Frozen (Wendy the Hunter, Steel Ingot) (Enemy - Ogre)
    • Mine Entrance (Naive Hachi, 4-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Ogre)
    • Ice Road (2) (Hakarim the Warrior, Hexagonal Ruby) (Enemy - Ogre)
    • Forever Frozen Land (Sophia the Swordsman, 6-Star Weapon, 6-Star Shield) (Enemy - Ogre)
  • Strong Bighand (7 Stamina) (Icy Sebastian) (Enemy - Ogre)
  • Snowstorm (5 Stamina)
    • Frozen Waste (Bruce the Guard, 6-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Orc)
    • Eternal Glacier (Brian the Mercenary, 6-Star Shield) (Enemy - Orc)
    • Dark Forest (Steely Raymond, 6-Star Weapon, 6-Star Shield) (Enemy - Orc)
    • Frozen Orc's Village (1) (Sophia the Swordsman, Alloy Ingot) (Enemy - Orc)
    • Frozen Orc's Village (2) (James the Squire, Triangular Emerald) (Enemy - Skeleton)
    • Frozen Orc's VIllage (3) (Wendy the Hunter, 7-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Skeleton)
    • Frozen Grave (Sacrificial Swan, 7-Star Shield) (Enemy - Orc)
  • Fighter Zarkus (7 Stamina) (Devoted Lucia) (Enemy - Orc)
  • Cursed Field (6 Stamina)
    • Darkened Land (Sacrificial Swan, 6-Star Shield) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
    • Dead Forest (Toledo the Wind, 7-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
    • Withered Tree (Haman the Fighter, 7-Star Shield) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
    • Demon Followers (1) (Rapier Master Felice, Alloy Ingot) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
    • Way to the Castle (2) (Hakarim the Warrior, 7-Star Weapon, 7-Star Shield) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
    • Demon Followers (2) (Gentle Luka, Triangular Emerald) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
    • Way to the Castle (1) (James the Squire, 6-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
  • Elvacil the Empress (7 Stamina) (Maylin the Tiny Witch)
  • Cloud Castle (1st - 5th Floor) (6 Stamina)
    • Cloud Castle (1st Floor) (James the Squire, 7-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Living Armor)
    • Cloud Castle (2nd Floor) (Grace the Guardian, 7-Star Shield) (Enemy - Living Armor)
    • Cloud Castle (3rd Floor) (Richard the Iron Knight, 7-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Living Armor)
    • Magician's Room (Kaiyen the Squire, Adamant Ingot) (Enemy - Living Armor)
    • Magician's Lab (Bruce the Guard, Square Emerald) (Enemy - Living Armor)
    • Cloud Castle (5th Floor) (Sophia the Swordsman, 8-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Living Armor)
    • Waiting Room (Xiao Ling the Fighter, 8-Star Shield) (Enemy - Living Armor)
  • Carlos the 3rd (7 Stamina) (XiaoMing the Monk) (Enemy - Living Armor)
  • Cloud Castle (6th-10th) (6 Stamina)
    • Cloud Castle (6th Floor) (Wendy the Hunter, Adamant Ingot) (Enemy - Goblins)
    • Cloud Castle (7th Floor) (Innocent Nicia, Square Emerald) (Enemy - Orge)
    • Cloud Castle (8th Floor) (Toledo the Wind, 8-Star Weapon) (Enemy - Orc)
    • Queen's Place (Haman the Fighter, 8-Star Shield) (Enemy - Dark Elves)
    • Waiting Room (Raiper Master Felice, 8-Star Weapon, 8-star Shield) (Enemy - Pirates)
    • Cloud Castle (9th Floor) (Gentle Luka, 8-Star Weapon, 8-star Shield) (Enemy - Lizard)
    • Cloud Castle (10th Floor) (Brave Kanan, Orichalcum Ingot) (Enemy - Mummy)
    • Hangman's Passage (Hakarim the Warrior, Pentagonal Emerald) (Enemy - Imps)
  • Satyr (7 stamina) (Patricia of the Wind) (Enemy - Imps)

Collapsed TowerEdit

Collapsed Tower's (CT) Territory is the 4th world and consists of end game content. It will be hard for you to complete this last mission unless you have the right allies. It is suggested that you complete the 1st map with at least one 6* ally but even then it will be hard. It is advised that you enter CT with three 6* allies. As you go through the maps, you will need stronger 6* allies.

Area Stamina Map Enemy Reward Exp
Way to the Tower 6 Start of the Test Goblins Shy Gabe, Heroic Vardus, 8-Star Weapon
Endless Trials Goblins Simple Crail, Kyle the Diver, 8-Star Shield
Enemy's Attack Goblins Rosy the Sleepyhead, James the Squire, Orichalcum Ingot 712
Dark Energy Goblins Ryan, the Guard, Xiao Ling the Fighter, Pentagonal Emerald 714
Hidden Mine Goblins Steve the Squire, Kaiyen the Squire, Nana the Elf Sniper
Waves of Anxiety Goblins Lionel the Beast, Grace the Guardian, 9-Star Shield
Tower's Entrance Goblins Richard the Iron Knight, Sword master Wolf, 9-Star Weapon
Tower's Gatekeeper 7 Insane Stein Boss Simple Crial, Maylin the Tiny Witch
Towers of Trials 1F 6 1F Hall Skeletons Berum the Swift, Brian the Mercenary, Jenny the Hunter
1F Hallway Skeletons Sophia the Swordsman, XiaoMing the Monk, 8-Star Weapon
1F Study Skeletons Toledo the Wind, Nana the Elf Sniper, Orichalcum Ingot
1F Collapsed Hallway Skeletons Shui the Fighter, Innocent Nicia, 8-Star Shield
1F Supply Storage Skeletons Wendy the Hunter, Patricia of the Wind, 9-Star Shield
1F Connected Hallway Skeletons Sacrificial Swan, Jasmine the Knight, 9-Star Weapon
Way to 2F 7 Dark magician Medelim Boss Innocent Nicia, Ryan the Guard, 

Lava HellEdit

Lava hell is the hardest map in the game. All the enemies are of the Dragon Tribe, and it is highly suggested that you obtain a full team of six stars before entering Lava Hell. Lava hell is also the only place where you can unlock the 12 star weap from the bm. The 12 star whip has a chance of getting 1000 + elemental every 3rd attack. 

Area Stamina Map Enemy Reward
Hot Plains 7 Burnt Tree Dragon Tribe Shy Gabe, Maylin the Tiny Witch, Branches
Melted Milestone Simple Cril, Heroic Vardus, Branches
Burning Ferry

James the Squire, Raina the Swordsman,

10 star shield, Branches

Sulfur Lake

Icy Sebastian, Ryan the Guard,

Pawn Seal, Branches

Smoky Surface

Grace the Guardian, Julian the Guard, 

10 star weapon, Branches

Dried Pond

Richard the Iron Knight, Xiao Ling

the Fighter, Branches

Abandoned Village

Kaiyen the Squire, Lionel the Beast,

11 star shield, Branches

End of Plains 10 Boss Satyr

Richard the Iron Knight,

Sword Master Wolf, Branches

Village Entrance 8 Invisible Alleyway Dragon Tribe

Brian the Mercenary, David the squire,


Scorched Wall

Sophia the Swordsman, Jasmine the 

Knight, 11 star weapon, Branches

Never ending Despair

Shui the Fighter, Steely Raymond,

Pawn Seal, Branches

Desolate Pond

Wendy the Hunter, XiaoMing the Monk

, 10 star shield

Empty Hall

Sacrificial Swan, Patricia of the Wind,

11 star shield

Abandoned Factory

Toledo the Wind, Devoted Luria, 

10 star weapon

Frozen Wagon

Paulo the Guard, Zircon Ingot

Jack the Adventurer, Branches

Abandoned Storage 10 Boss Golem

Sacrificial Swan, Jenny the Hunter,


Outer Village 8 Flowing Lava Dragon Tribe

Nana the Elf Sniper, Rapier Master

Felice, Branches

Lifeless Forest

Innocent Nicia, Gentle Luka, 

11 star weapon, Branches

Animal Grave

Brave Kanan, Hakarim the Warrior

11 star shield, Branches

Swamp of Despair

Bork the Glutton, Kyle the Diver,

10 star weapon, Branches

Burnt Farm

Revived Anashu, Mimi the Wild cat,

zircon ingot, Branches

Abandoned Machines

Sad Stephan, Rosy the Sleepyhead,

Knight's Seal, Branches

Only Exit

Julian the Guard, Bony Rudolph, 

10 star shield

Road to the Mountain 10 Boss Grim Reaper XiaoLing the Fighter, Bork the Glutton, Branches
Mountain Ridge 9 Missing Person Dragon Tribe

Lionel the Beasts, Wendy the Hunter,


Collapsing Wall

Sacrifical Swan, Sword Master Wolf,

11 star weapon, Branches

Small Cave

Toledo the Wind, David the Squire,

Pawn Seal, Branches

Dried Valley

Paulo the Gaurd, Jasmine the Knight,

Knight's Seal, Branches

Fire Fog

Patricia the Wind, Haman the Fighter,

12 star shield, Branches

Forked Path Devoted Luria, Rapier Master Felice, Branches
Red Sky

Jack the Adventurer, Gentle Luka, 

12 star weapon, Branches

Mountain Peak 10 Boss Medusa

Jenny the Hunter, Rapier Master 

Felice, Branches

Volcano Core 9 Thick Smoke Dragon Tribe Nana the Elf Sniper, Bork the Glutton, Branches
Black Rock

Innocent Nicia, Revived Anashu, 

11 star shield, Branches

Unbearable Heat

Raina the Swordsman, Sad Stephan,

11 star weapon, Branches

Purple Plateau

Icy Sebastian, Bony Rudolph, 

Pawn's Seal, Branches


James the Squire, Julian the Guard,

Knight's Seal, Branches

Lonely Cane

Ryan the Guard, Xiao Ling the Fighter, 

12 star shield, Branches

Unforked Road

Grace the Guardian, Lionel the Beast,

12 star weapon, Branches

Last Traces 10 Boss

Fire Dragon             Iz

Bruce the Guard, Sword Master Wolf, Branches