There are 2 kinds of Shields in Knights & Squires.

Shields, which Evan and Seira use and Demons, which Ellen and Lyn use.

Like Weapons, Shields can have different stats and depending on the colors is how many extra stats they can have.

TIP: The best stats for shields are Long Distance Damage -% and Direct Damage -%. The reason for this because the damage reduced increases as the amount of damage taken increases as well. This is a much better stat rather than a stat increasing a fixed number such as armor.

Color Rarity Extra Stats
White Common 0
Blue Magic 1-2
Yellow Rare 3-4
Red Legendary 5-6

Below is a list of all the extra Stats Shields can have:

  • Armor Defense +%
  • Total Defense +%
  • Critical rate +%
  • Hp +
  • Direct Damage -%
  • Long Distance Damage -%
  • Explosion Damage -%
  • Knock-back Distance -30%
  • Recover ? Hp Every 5 Sec
  • Recover ? Hp With a Perfect Guard
  • Chance of Getting Potions +%
  • Potion Recovery Amount +
  • Usage of Flying Shield +1
  • Flying Shield Damage +
  • Combo With Attack +1
  • Damage from: Orc, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, Living Armor, Pirates, Goblins, Skeletons, Ogres, Imps, Dragon Tribe and Mummies. -%
  • Tips for better shield 1: Long Distance Damage -27% or more and Direct Damage -27% or more (these two being the most important), Knockback distance -30% is great in most scenarios.
  • Tips for better shield 2: If you have Total defense +% and Armor defense + % alongside the Long Distance Damage and Direct Damage, congratulations, you might have acquired the best shield possible.