• Remember to change characters to grind weapons and armour for as the new characters that you purchased with gems start with basic gears. Gear drops would change accordingly to which ever characters you are currently using.
  • Send and add as many friend request as early in the game as possible. Having more friends in the game will allow you to send and also recieve FPs, which is used for buying of 1 to 3 stars Ally in the Shop. You can collect up to 500 FPs a day. So that would be 3 FREE Allies every 2 days.
  • Do take note the ally that you get after enhancement is random. For example: enhancing 2 healer allies does not guarantee you a higher star healer ally.
  • Look for a weapon with properties such as bloodsucking and/or +weapon damage %.

Here is a demonstration of it's usefulness:

  • How to quick sell items and allies:
  • Lvl up new allies to lvl 20 to gain 10 gems for maxing them out. Remember you can get 10 gems out of each MAXed ally only once.
  • Save your 4 star allies. If you have any spare gold, power them up. It's the safest way to acquire 5 star allies.
  • If you want to draw allies or amulets save up your gems to 300. Buying a bundle will get you one additional ally/amulet.
  • Same for FP ally draw- save up your points for one more free ally.
  • If you're an active player, consider purchasing Recovery Time or MAX Stamina in Hero Point Shop. They'll be more useful in the long run than buying heroes with them. Both Recovery Time (-10s) and MAX Stamina (+1 stamina) are passive and can be upgraded up to 10 times, their price always 2500 Hero Points.
  • Use the padlock on your valuable items. Locked items can't be sold or enhanced, saving you from accidentally losing your items.
  • Log in everyday to gain your daily bonus.