Whips are the weapons used by Demon Hunters.

They deal more damage and have more range than the swords used by knights.

Below is a list of Whips ordered by Stars

You can only get 900+ elemental attack per 3rd from the 12 star weapon

Stars Whip Name Atk Power
1 Whip 20
2 Devil's Tail 30
3 Snake Whip 78
4 Chain Whip 135
5 Death Bone 202
6 Iron Hook 279
7 Vine Whip 366
8 Razor 462
9 Heavy Mace 567
10 Golden Cross 682
11 Crystal Blue 807
12 Gigantis
13 Shooting Star

Tips for whip : For End game, Arena PVP, It is best if your whip has the following buff

  • Poison damage of 1500 and above at the third attack (P3)

The >1500 P3 whip can be obtained in the form of Gigantis in black market ONLY, each costs around 100k gold.

It is important to note that gigantis of P3 drops in the dungeons too, but the amount of P3 will never exceed 1500.

Also, the drop rate of Gigantis is pretty low, it might take a while to eventually get one if you are unlucky, but it will be worthy once you have it on you.